horizon zero dawn
Aloy taking aim with her bow at one of the many different mechs in the game.

Horizon Dawn Zero just recently came out and a lot of people want to download it from the Playstation Store but don’t want to pay the high price tag. We were lucky enough to review a PSN code generator provided to us to test out before it was initially released to the public. Today we will be going in depth of how it works and what it can do for you.

Before we can drill down into what it can do we will give you a brief description of what the app developers says it can do. It will basically give you codes that you can redeem in the Playstation store which will give you digital currency.  This currency is stored in a wallet which you can spend on games, movies, and other digital goods provided in the store.  The software can even change your Playstation username to something else, this is not possible according to Sony. But we’ve tested and it worked out for us. I don’t know why Sony never implemented name changing a long time ago, it’s all over reddit and it’s one of the most highly requested things to be added.

They claim that their app can:

  1. Generate $20 & $50 Playstation voucher codes
  2. Generate a 1 year subscription to Playstation Plus
  3. Change your Playstation online-ID

PSN Code GeneratorSo how well does the code generator work? Amazingly well! We not only were able to download Horizon Dawn Zero for free but we also picked up Ghost Recon Wildlands. In order to do this we had to run the program to give us four $50 PSN codes. The software was simple enough to use and very straight forward, we had no quirks or troubles trying to use it. The layout is easy and the instructions on the site were clear. To make sure the games were actually ours we downloaded the games and played them both for at least a day. We even logged into another PS4 and downloaded the games there. Played them both without any issues. So this is the real deal, we got two games and had money left in our wallet. So we bought some movies, subscribed to spotify, and downloaded TV shows all without any strings attached.

Ghost Recon Wildlands
Diving into group missions

We generated a few more Playstation store codes for 3 of our friends so they can join us in the battlefield of Ghost Recon Wildlands. We sent them the codes and after a few hours of waiting for them to finish downloading, we were all together playing online. Man is this thing ever sweet. Broke students who can’t afford to go out, just stay in their dorms and play games are going to love this handy little app.

Last but not least we are going to go over how easy it is to change your username on the Playstation network.  All you have to do is enter in your current username then enter in the new username that you want to have.  Once the program swings into action it can take awhile before you username changes, we had to wait roughly half an hour before all the changes were visible when we logged in. It was worth the wait though, having a new screen name that doesn’t scream I’m a 12 year old kid.

All in all we loved the PSN code generator and all that it can do.  It does what it says out of the box and does it very well. No complaints from us. We give it a 10 out of 10!