snapchat hack appI downloaded a Snapchat hack tool from SnapThatHack in order to retrieve my brother’s Snapchat password. He couldn’t get it back through the conventional method of getting a reset email sent to him because he didn’t know what e-mail he used when he signed up for Snapchat.  Nor was he able to get a SMS message because he only uses Snapchat on his iPhone that has no sim or plan attached to it. Honestly I didn’t care at first until he started bugging me asking me how to hack his Snapchat account.

A few hacks that I’ve tried didn’t work at all, which was annoying because I had to try quite a bit before I found one that actually works like it says.  Apparently I could do more than just get Snapchat passwords but I can also see and download old Snaps that I’ve taken, remove snap timers on other people’s Snaps, and some other things it advertised that it could do.  I didn’t believe it at first until I actually used it first hand, not only was it able to retrieve my bro’s Snapchat password but it even figured out my password for my account.  It’s kinda scary actually, knowing that these hacks exist, it makes you wonder how secure your stuff really is on the internet.

The app also had some other neat features like boosting your Snapchat score which was kind of useless to me but for those that do care it’s an option for you.  I wanted to unlock all the stickers in Snapchat without having to figure out how to actually unlock them all and with just one tap I easily unlocked all the stickers!

hacking into snapchatI really wanted to put this hack to the test and I kind of did a horrible thing, I tested it out on my girlfriend’s Snapchat without telling her.  It’s not that I don’t trust her I just wanted to see how deep I can go with it.  I entered her username and hit the hack button, after a couple of minutes I was in.  I had full control of her account and I even looked at her old snaps and the snaps that people sent her.  Boy was I surprised at the amount of Snaps she got from other guys and kind of disturbed at what I saw. To my relief, she never sent any Snaps back to them or replied to them.  She just ignored them completely.  It’s hard finding a gf like her, I’m actually pretty lucky.

If you have no other options but to hack into your Snapchat account get the hack from snapthathack.  It works like it’s advertised and works very fast without much hiccups.