Every Pokemon Go Player should use this Hack

A lot of players have been asking about Pokemon Go hacks and if they’re real. So we decided to investigate on our own and try out the many different hacks downloadable from the internet. Upon searching we found a few that work as they advertise.

Of all the Pokemon Go hacks available here is what we’ve found that works:

Pokemon Go kitchenPokesnipers is a pretty amazing tool, it runs on your desktop computer in conjunctions with their website that shows you the coordinates of the Pokemon.  It’s really simple to use, all you do is download the program, run it, check their website for Pokemon that are spawning and copy the GPS coordinates. In the program you enter in your login info, then the name of the Pokemon you want to catch, then it’s coordinates.  It will then automatically snipe the Pokemon with the available razzberries and Pokeballs that you have. So far we haven’t been banned by using this but be careful because you might get cooked.

Update: as of right now pokesnipers is down but they are quickly working to get it back up.

We’ve tested TUTUApp and Goupan but have found that they are lacking the features we are looking for in a Pokemon Go hacking tool. Not to mention difficult to understand if you don’t know how to read Chinese. They are also limited to what they do, TUTUApp is only a joystick hack and Goupan is only a wall hack.

We recommend you download the Pokemon Go hack from Pokegohacker, after some serious testing it’s the best of the bunch and does it all in one complete little package.  You also don’t have to worry about downloading new updates because once you have it installed on your computer to smartphone it does all the automatic updating itself. What we love about Pokegohacker is how it has everything built into it, you don’t need separate apps to get different features for example; GPS hack, Joystick, Auto walker, Pokemon Sniper, etc.  It’s all built into one and runs seamlessly in the background while you play the game.  When ever you need it you just hit the menu button and everything is right there at your finger tips. Catching Pokemon and leveling up is going to be a breeze with this Pokemon Go hack tool.

Pokemon go transfer
Finally I can get rid of all my Pidgeys!!

Pokegohacker gives you the ability to auto walk your trainer, this comes in real handy when you want to hatch eggs. Plus you don’t need to worry about candy anymore because of the built in Candy cheat that gives you a large amount of Candy for any Pokemon you choose. Stardust is one of the most sought after resources in collect in Pokemon Go, it’s one that you can’t buy either the only way you can get it is by catching Pokemon. So what did Pokegohacker do? They coded in a Stardust cheat that gives you unlimited Stardust making is possible to upgrade any Pokemon up to its max CP for your current level.

For me personally my favorite feature is the GPS hack, auto walker, and the Pokemon spawn locator. It lets me be where ever I want in the world and catch whatever Pokemon I want. It makes the game much more enjoyable when I feel like being lazy.

So what are you waiting for stop reading this right now and get Pokegohacker!